Our Principles

US Developments has assembled a team of real estate professionals who each have 25 plus years of experience dealing with real estate assets of all types. Not in theory, nor as third party asset managers, but as principals who are used to having hard dollars at risk. This team of real estate expertise is what investors need to capitalize on today’s opportunities arising out of real estate opportunities that exist today.

Stephen Rosenburg

Stephen Rosenburgh

Stephen Rosenburgh Founder, President & CEO, US Developments, LLC srosenburgh@usdevelopments.com Industry Experience Mr. Rosenburgh manages a team of experienced development specialists who help implement the company’s real estate investment strategies. Mr. Rosenburgh’s career includes positions in government affairs and manufacturing.

John Mullins

John Mullins

John Mullins CFO, US Developments, LLC jmullins@usdevelopments.com Mr. Mullins has over 35 years of experience in finance, accounting, international taxation, senior management, business planning and valuation, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate investment and development.  He has consulted on

John Kelterer

John Kelterer, RBF Consulting john.kelterer@gmail.com Mr. Kelterer has his own Real Estate Advisory Firm. Mr. Kelterer represents private and corporate clients to assist in the enhancement of real estate assets to include repositioning of assets, asset valuation, acquisition, disposition, and

Chris Borst

Chris Borst Vice President of Operations, US Developments, LLC cborst@usdevelopments.com Mr. Borst previously worked for Waterford Development as Vice President of Operations, based in the company’s Durham, N.C. location. He focused on expanding Waterford’s presence in the state through opportunities in

Who We Are

US Developments acquires land, rezones it, designs a master plan and performs all the development activities including acquisition, planning, approvals, construction and sales. While we have done projects all across the USA, our focus is the Southeastern United States. Here we understand the markets and how to proceed with successful developments.

Our Mission

For our clients, US Developments analyzes a broad range of real estate opportunities and, having identified the highest and best use, employs our intellectual, financial and relational resources to develop these opportunities into profitable real estate investments. In this way, we deliver significant value to our investors and business partners, as well as to the landowners and communities with whom we work.